Selected Microarray Links

(also see Practical Microarray Links)
U.S. Government Sites (NIH, etc.)
Human Genome Investigator's Portal    TIGR: The Institute for Genomic Research
National Human Genome Research Institute   NCI Center for Bioinformatics 
NIH Biometrics Research Branch    NCBI
Data Mining Tools at NCBI  
Sites at Universities
Microarray Gene Expression Data group (MGED)   Minimum Information for A Microarray Experiment (MIAME)
Rochester University Microarray Core   Microarray pages at the University of Toronto
U. T. Southwestern Medical Center Microarray Facility   EMBL Bioinformatics
"Eberwine" RNA amplification protocol    University of Stanford Microarray WebSite
University of Cincinnati Microarray pages    Protein Information Resource (at Georgetown University)
Commercial and Other Sites
Affymetrix    Agilent Technologies
GeneLogic   Enodar Software  
Bioinformatic Resources at Google   Rosetta Informatics 
Silicon Genetics    
Personal Sites
Patrick Brown's pages   David Botstein's pages
Michael Eisen's pages   Back to Our Site
Selected Journals
American Journal of Human Genetics   Applied Stochastic Models & Data Analysis
Applied Mathematics and Computation   Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Bioinformatics Technology & Systems

Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics   Comparative and Functional Genomics
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis   Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
European Journal of Human Genetics   Gene
Genes and Development   Genes and Function
Genome Research   Genomics
Human Molecular Genetics   IEEE Journals 
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks   IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing   Informatics Journals
Journal of  Biomedical Optics   Journal(s) of the Royal Statistical Society
Journal of Signal Processing Systems   Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation
Journal of the American Statistical Association   Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association
Journal of Biomedical Informatics   Nature Genetics
Nature Biotechnology   Nature Medicine
Statistics and Computing   Statistical Methods in Medicine
Science Magazine Functional Genomics   Statistics Journals (other links)
Simulation and Gaming   Statistics in Medicine
Very Large Databases Journal